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Grow your email list by creating pop-up forms and sign up pages to capture the contact information of visitors at different points in their journey. This will allow you access not only those who are ready for a sale, but also potential buyers that may have been waiting until now before making any commitments!

We offer two ways for you to collect leads from your website. The first is a built-in feature and the second can be done using a third party tool.

Built in Option: Create a list or Use your already built list

Step 2: Choose embedded form

Step 3: Copy html to your website. Check with your CMS to add html code the right way. Most people are not aware that you can collect emails right from your website! I always recommend this because it takes the hassle out of having to type in long URLs or search engine queries. Just copy and paste any HTML code onto a new page, then use an email capture tool “Send outreach” feature which allows users (you) send automated messages based on recipient data collected within their database – no need for spreadsheets anymore!

Note: Make sure to update these settings so you can get the most out of your campaigns.

Third Party Option: Using API

Buy or download Green Popups

If you are using WordPress. Install the Plug in. Click Settings

Then choose advanced.

Then enable Acelle for Genix Mail.

Choose a form from templates for sign up form.


Click edit.

Click settings

Grab the API Token and Endpoint from Genix Mail from paste it to your form in WordPress. Click List ID to choose the right list.

Load field and match email. That is all

Note: We don’t provide support for third party usage.

For more questions send us and email from our contact page.

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